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IN STOCK - MORE THAN 1,000 READY TO SHIP! General information on capacitors can be found on Wiki. Può visualizzare la nostra informativa estesa per maggiori delucidazioni Cookies help us deliver our services. Note: All military capacitors in this catalog 'are' in fact identified as being JAN (or better) qualified however that designation was purposely omitted from the description in order to simplify part-numbering. These capacitors are most commonly found in a metal can form factor, sealed with a rubber bung and consist of a roll of multi-layer construction including an oxide layer and liquid electrolyte. $3.15. Location: Largo,FL,USA. We stock used Capacitors such as, Taiyo Yuden GMK212B7105KG-T Ceramic Capacitor, Panasonic EEEFK1V221AP Capacitor, Murata GRM31CR71H105KA61L Ceramic Capacitor, Murata GRM188R71H104KA93D Ceramic Capacitor, and more used Capacitors … Distributor of surplus capacitors including instrumentation capacitors. 470MF 80Vdc capacitor Nipponchemicon KY (M)105° (n.4pcs.) Factory new surplus, DC 9914. Call Us: 800-341-6468 PO Box 276, Alburg VT 05440. 4700MF 50Vdc capacitor Nantung298 105° snap-in. 330uF 25V. Establish in 2008, Yiayng Anxing Electronics CO.,LTD is a high-tech enterprise that focusing on the production and operation of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. 3. 220MF 50V electrolytic capacitor VISHAY Aencs 046 KO very low impedance (10pcs.) … Français ; English ; 100% Canadian - Unbeatable Prices ! Operating temperature: 105 Degree C. New. ESR is also similarly lower. Price: €1.50. 22MF 250Vdc capacitor ELNA (M) CE105° vintage audio (n.4pcs.) 22. Search. Product details. Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Get everything you need at affordable prices, only at! 3300MF 16Vdc capacitor CE NHG 105° Price: €1.00. Military Surplus aluminum eloctrolytic capacitors acquired circa 1980's. is an online store with affordable electronic components. We are strictly an on-line business and have no walk-in store front. … As a matter of fact, once reformed, their leakage is 1/4 that of today's capacitor of the same value and voltage. Home Desktop mode Mobile mode . Tolerance: 20%. Shop new & used Capacitors. I cookie ci aiutano a fornirVi i nostri servizi. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Nippon Chemi-Con SME Radial Electrolytic Capacitor 220µF 25V 85°C (Pk of 4) Sales price: £0.86. 10v 3300uf NCC 105°C Motherboard Electrolytic Capacitors - 10v 3300uf NCC 105°C Motherboard Electrolytic Capacitors 10v 3300uf NCC 105°C Motherboard Electrolytic Capacitors - 10v 3300uf NCC 105°C Motherboard El. New (Other) C $32.00. Electrolytic Capacitors. New, old stock. All leakage checked and each capacitor guaranteed good! You'll find thousands of lenses, mirrors, prisms, precision optics and optical equipment such as microscopes,spectrometers, etc as well as beamsplitters, achromats, eyepieces, optical flats, mirror blanks, lens blanks, filters, and other optical and electronic stuff. Sales price: £0.77. Call Us: 800-341-6468 PO Box 276, Alburg VT 05440. New Items ; Audio & Video; Banking and POS; Kronos Timeclocks; Fiber Optics Reels; Industrial; Cable And Wire; Browse All; Sell Your Part; Home / Components / Capacitors / Electrolytic Capacitors … English. Order History; Wishlist; Address book; Downloads; Product Returns; Transactions ; Categories. These capacitors are designed with tube amplifiers in mind; each capacitor is rated at 105°C. The humble electrolytic capacitor is a mainstay when large capacitances are required as a local reservoir of power. BMI Surplus, Inc. 149 King Street Hanover, MA 02339 USA Direct: 781-871-8868 Product details. Military Surplus capacitors acquired circa 1980's. Case: radial leads. 4. Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Condition: New. Search. Home > Capacitors > Electrolytic Capacitors. NEW SURPLUS BHC CAPACITOR 23000 uF ALS30H1006NX 75 VDC … Shop now. Surplus and obsolete components, capacitors. Surplus Sales has one of the largest, most diversified selections of new and hard-to-find capacitors to be found. Surplus Shed supplies surplus, used, and unused optical. 20. New Name Brand Electrolytic Capacitors Ideal for repairing quality electronic equipment. SURPLUS STOCK; Special Order; Show All COMPONENTS. These are surplus to my requirements, no tax Size and ESR values upon request Pickup in Kanata 1uf 50v 85c (Nippon Chemi-Con) 3.3uf 50v 85c (Sanyo) 10uf 25v 105c (Nichicon) 22uf 10v 105c (Nichicon) 30uf 50v 85c (Cornell Dubilier) 47uf 10v 105c (Nichicon) 47uf 50v 105c (Elna) 100uf 10v 85c (Nippon Chemi … NEW 250 pcs. LOT of 4 Cornell-Dubilier KR-604C Capacitors XC0615 XD0844 $ 58.88. PACCOM 220uF 35VDC 85°C Electrolytic Capacitor PACCOM new surplus 220 microfarads, 35 volts dc, ±20% tolerance, 85° Radial leads 10mm Diameter x... $1.04 Add: 330uF 50V, 105° C Electrolytic Capacitor, Radial Leads. Price: €0.98. Capacitor Parts. Electrolytic Capacitors! Price: €4.88. All NOS in excellent condition with straight factory-length leads. Nippon Chemi-Con LXY Radial Electrolytic Capacitor 390µF 25V 105°C (Pk of 4) Sales price: £0.88. 19. Save this search. $4.29 Shipping. Nippon Chemi-Con SL Radial 220uF 100V 85C. $5 Shipping. 470MF 50Vdc capacitor SAMWHA RD 105° C(M) low ESR ( n.10pcs.) Mobile mode. Electrolytic Capacitor 100uF 25V Radial - Electrolytic Capacitor 100uF 25V Radial. Price: €2.44. Buy It Now. From United States +C $31.28 shipping estimate. 5. 2. At Electronic Surplus, we offer military, mica, and other capacitor parts for sale, so you can find the capacitor hardware that’s best for your current project. They are used in circuits allowing AC signals to be transferred while blocking DC, to store energy, and to filter signals according to their frequency. electronic, and mechanical bargains for fun, hobby, education or profit. Navigando sul nostro sito, Lei accetta l’utilizzo dei Cookies. LOGIN | MY QUOTES | WHOLESALER ACCOUNT. 120MF 300Vdc capacitor Nichicon CE105° low profile snap-in. We are unable to take orders directly by phone. Electrolytic Capacitor 100uF 25V Radial. Capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits found in many common devices. Capacitors store energy electrostatically, blocking direct current while allowing alternating current to pass. LOGIN | MY QUOTES | WHOLESALER ACCOUNT. LOT OF 492 CAPACITORS B37979N1180 180J COG100 NEW SURPLUS 180JCOG100. Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. $1 Each: 1000uF/16VDC: 1000uF/16VDC Philips, 1,000uF/16VDC axial electrolytic capacitor, Very High temp, 125C rated, 1.2 inch long body. Condition: New – Open box. Panasonic/Matsushita - EEUFC1E331L - Capacitor, electrolytic. 8 Electrolytic Capacitors 15VDC Assorted, Mallory#TCxxx, Lot 82, Made in USA $ 7.99. 43 results for surplus capacitors. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. BMI Surplus offers a broad range of new and quality used Capacitors in the used Electronic Test Equipment product category. Price: €9.76. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Mostly used for low-frequency filtering of power supplies for commercial (60Hz) and Military (400Hz) uses. Add to Cart. Axial leads. Capacitor mounting clips 47uF 250Vdc capacitor NIPPON CHEMICON KM(M)105° (n.2pcs.) 21. Electrolytic capacitors are generally polarized. UNITED CHEMI-CON INC - LXV35VB331M10X20L - Aluminum Electrolytic Cap 35VDC . English ; Français ; Wish List (0) My Account; Shopping Cart; Checkout English. Lead spacing: 3.5mm. 1-3/8" diameter x 3" high. Midwest Surplus Electronics. Dimensions: 8mm D x 15mm high. PROVIDER OF INDUSTRIAL PARTS - SURPLUS EQUIPMENT NEW AND REFURBISHED TECHNOLOGY - WHOLESALE B2B. Factory new surplus, high quality parts. We have been in business for 11 years serving academic institutions, hobbyists, service personnel etc. Price: €2.99. 1. PROVIDER OF INDUSTRIAL PARTS - SURPLUS EQUIPMENT NEW AND REFURBISHED TECHNOLOGY - WHOLESALE B2B. Sort by. Larger types are used for energy storage in power supply circuits and for decoupling AC components from DC power connections. Automotive. Electrolytic capacitor. Buy It Now. Rubycon YXA series, 1,000uF/16VDC electrolytic capacitor, High temp, 105C rated. Sales & Support. Radial leads. Buy It Now. UCC / Nippon Chemi-Con ESXC630ELL331ML30S Specifications: SXC series 330uF 50V, 105° C Electrolytic Capacitor low impedance Radial Leads 20%... $1.25 Add: 470uF 16V, … Electrolytic Capacitor Value and Leakage Current. The Mod® electrolytic capacitor line features capacitance values that are common in many vintage amplifiers but are not readily available today. Price: €2.44. Products include AC capacitors, adjustable capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, mica capacitors, tantalum capacitors, monolithic capacitors & surface mount capacitors. Looking where to buy capacitors in Canada? For questions about our products, you can contact us at 1-937-621-3711 or by using the "Contact Us" link. New Items ; Audio & Video; Banking and POS; Kronos Timeclocks; Fiber Optics Reels; Industrial; Cable And Wire; Browse All; Sell Your Part; Home / Components / Capacitors; Capacitors… Location: Silverton,OR,USA. Wish List (0) My Account; Shopping Cart; Checkout ; Language . Nichicon LNR1H333MSE Capacitor Electronic Parts Passive and Active Components Capacitors Quality new & used scientific equipment, in-stock & ready to ship Cable Connectors Learn More . This temperature rating provides a highly-stable capacitance in any device, be it vacuum tube or solid state. 514-453-7333. Anxing Electronics belongs to the Anxing Group which founded by Mr. Peng Shuaifan. Our top-grade capacitor components will ensure that you have enough energy storage space between closely-placed conductors. To create online store ShopFactory eCommerce software was used. Looking for resistors & capacitors online in Canada? NEW STOCK; KIT HELP; COMPONENTS; Passive; Capacitors; Electrolytic; Electrolytic. Used Capacitors. Product details. Mini-Kits stock a range of Electrolytic Capacitors suitable for construction of Radio related projects, and for the repair of older Radio Transceivers. 470MF 50Vdc capacitor SAMWHA RD 105°C(M) B5A PET low ESR ( n.100pcs.) Price: €2.99. 23. Buy It Now. Surplus Electronics Sales is located in Arcanum, Ohio. Electrolytic, Ceramic plate, Tantalum, Ceramic, Metallized polyester, and more. 7B 1-PCS TVA-1208 Capacitor Sprague Atom 250uf 25V Tube Amp Made in USA $ 4.5.

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