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Then trying to open a business account: Stuck on item 7 no matter what figures you type in. 973765. Here are some of the other problems we are still experiencing: Indeed it IS fine for a couple of days and then it locks me out again (I suspect after my son has accesserd the ap from his phone). Business accounts work in a very similar way to personal accounts – you'll be able to set up payments, have people pay you and make debit card transactions. What we don’t like:- Barclays claim they tried reaching us Many times in relation to this payment Despite phone calls (each approx 1 hour wait), forms completed,numerous apologies, letter to CeO (passed on to an automatic respondent I think) more apologies and no action. I asked her about apprenticeship in Barclays. But firstly would like to share my misery and stupidity (trusting Barclays that they will facilitate the financial side of running my business) everywhere to warn and protect fellow small business owners from getting trapped in the same trap! Sent a big payment for my AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard (over $2,500) and they never applied the payment to my account, I have called several times with a copy of the cashed/cleared check and they just say they are "investigating" the issue but NEVER apply the payment to my account. What we like: Neither Barclays’ online savings accounts nor their CDs carry monthly fees, minimum opening deposits, or monthly deposit maximums. I am currently trying to get through today and am up to 45 minutes. I have been banking with Barclays for 25 years. There was enough time for the bank of this size to adjust to exceptional circumstances, this is just really not acceptable. Could it be that Barclays would prefer me to take out an expensive loan with them and so make more money rather than approve the interest free loan with the kitchen company?I have a paltry amount with Barclays, by their standards. Again we can confirm that we never received a single letter from Barclays! Barclays’ U.S. banking operation, which is only online, offers strong rates on savings accounts and CDs — but it doesn’t have a checking account. Can’t even freeze or cancel a bank card o... Horrendous service. Shortly after my initial review in April, I was rushed to hospital for a very serious emergency operation, which took over three hours, but which was suuccessful and apparently saved my life. We can confirm we received no text messages or voicemails either! OUTSTANDING compared to other available options. You don’t need a Barclays Business current account to be eligible for a Bounce Back Loan, but we’ll need to verify some details about your business before you can apply. With a Barclays business account, you receive: Dedicated business customer support. Barclays Business Account. So I return to the branch and the saga is repeated again - and again. 2. Absolutely awful. Something I should be able to do on my app, but no! Told me it would take 7 to 15 days. This website uses cookies to help enhance your user experience. It was awkward, clearly she didn't want to communicate. Opening the business account at Barclays was unexpectedly problem-free but my application for a personal account was declined and instead I was offered just a basic bank account. We immediately called Barclays to try understand... We are a UK Based International VAT compliance Firm who help companies around with world with their VAT compliance. My son is sole Director and both of us have debit cards on the business account, but when I have to contact the Helpline, they sometimes reject my answers -e.g. Barclays Bank UK PLC. Awful - avoid. Will know your best intentions does keep your luck for future savings. On Which?, Barclays scores 4/5 for its application process and how they communicate with customers, but just 2/5 … It would be easier to cross the Sahara in a shopping trolley. Registered no. I say fraudulently becuase of the following reasons: Unacceptable customer service! Barclays online savings accounts review for 2019. Shait bank, unreliable and fckn close down. 3. The Barclays 1.60% APY savings account interest is much higher than the national average, as is its 1.85% APY CD rate. Again, the problem is invariably a ''mix up'' over my ID details and usually the help line are able to resolve it, although sometimes I am still unable to log in using my passcode and am forced to use PINsentry - and either way the solution only lasts until the next ''revamp''! Navigate Student Bank Accounts. Every time I waited cca 30 mins and hang up. Unbelievable - words can’t describe how bad the mortgage arm of Barclays Bank is.Renewed my mortgage deal online in March on a low early resettlement rate 5 year fixed interest deal, for some reason the online renewal failed and I had to call back an offshore call centre to renew, I asked for the same deal I’d selected online and they gave me something totally different. the start-up business account is free for the first 12 months and you get access to Barclays’ Business Direct team, which offers support on growing your business the business account for turnover up to £400,000 is for established business – there are two price plans depending on whether you use mixed payments or electronic payments only (with a £6 and £6.50 monthly fee respectively) Chairman, Business Practices Review Committee Barclays PLC 1 Churchill Place E14 5HP 4, Lombard Street London, EC3V 9HD 3 April 2013 I am pleased to present to you my Report on Barclays’ business practices. The manager I had the appointment with looked and smelled like a bum! 3 hours, idk whos dick they are sucking but it shouldn't take thay long under no circumstances. We have subsequently contacted the complaints department and logged 2-3 separate complaints, yet we have not heard back from them either over a period of weeks! Its the most dogshait bank i have ever seen. I waited around 30 mins until the issue was resolved as I needed to speak to some one at the bank desperately. Return to reference Terms and conditions apply. Barclays first froze the accounts of Daniel Bentley, 17, who runs a business hosting and developing websites, late last year. You must have a Barclays Business current account and have a mobile number to use this feature in the Barclays app. Horrendous service. Their accounts are the Business Premium Account, Treasury Deposit Account and Clients Premium Account. The demise of a once great high street bank is complete ! On February 14th they blocked my main business account with no notice. Absolutely disappointed in your customer service. I had to increase the sale price of the house to counterbalance the fees which resulted in it being on the market for an extended period of time - all the time I was incurring additional fees, eventually it sold for the minimum I could accept and thankfully it’s all over now.When I realised how much they were charging me to sell the house I raised a complaint, I spent hours on the phone setting up the complaint and then waited 8 weeks for a response, their final response was a text message of around 10 words telling me their early settlement fees were fair in the circumstances.I’ve forwarded their response to the fos.Absolutely insane that customer service can be that bad in this day and age- I won’t be using Barclays again for anything. Barclays Again Disappoints Savers With A Rate Cut. I will be changing my bank shortly. Had an apology before because of a rude member of staff. Broadly, these are the main categories to think about when you’re looking at the list of fees and charges in the terms and conditions: I am treasurer of a charity. By using Smart Money People, you agree to our privacy policy. This is the 3rd time this week. Also I can reconcile to a balance at the end of the week, but when I try to reconcile at the end of the following week, I often find that Barclays have retrospectively juggled the previous week's transactions and the balance which I previously reconciled to has disappeared completely! Barclays’ online reviews are a very mixed bag. And remember, if you are a Barclays customer, you can write a short review here to help other potential customers. All rights reserved. Barclays claim one of our clients who sent us a (a small one off payment of 800.00GBP) was being called into question. Read Guest's review of the Barclays Business Bank Account, 41 of 120 Barclays Business Bank Account reviews, & compare with other Business Bank Accounts at Review Centre Been on hold for 2 hours 20 mins and gave up. Finally rid of them and they haven't even noticed. I find the Barclays Online Banking experience extremely poor. The one single payment brought into question, they have never given us any valid reason as to why they are questioning this payment in the first place. I highly recommend that you stay away from anything to do with Barclays! Business bank account fees and overdraft charges explained . To cap it all, Barclays have already closed the local branch on Thursdays and rumour has it that, like Lloyds, Barclays will soon be closing their local branch. Depending on whether you already bank or not with Barclays, you can open an account in-branch or via video banking. I am an existing Barclays personal customer. Perhaps they mean this is the waiting time at any given point one tries to contact thm...Business banking with Barclays has been a painful punishment. Crazy phone line waiting times - for last 9 months I tried to reach Barclays mortgages department regarding the question I can't resolve online. Unless you can make some dramatic improvements, we shall be switching to another Bank as soon as I am well enough. It is very irritating to get used to a new layout only to find that it changes again - usually for something far more confusing and unreliable! No interest in the... Business banking? All I need is a code to get online banking on a new devise. Absolutely disgusting. Horrible Customer ServiceI am banking with Barclays for years and have multiple business accounts with them. This is needless to say causing a number of problems for our business and is of course a serious breach of trust from Barclays who are Fraudulently withholding our Payments! For such a well known bank I would have expected high level customer service. Bunch of parasites. It happened again today from another member of staff. With business banking and aspects such as access to finance being so important to... Barclays business banking reviews at Smart Money People are helping other business people to fund out what being a business banking customer at Barclays is really like. Specialist support team. I have several similar statements also showing nonsense balances and would be happy to send them to you if you're interested. Matthew Boyle Updated Oct 1, 2020. The have been average but for the past 6 months they have used any excuse to give zero resolutions. The have been average but for the past 6 months they have used any excuse to give zero resolutions. I am banking with Barclays for years and have multiple business accounts with them. Bank Accounts for Startups, Sole Traders, Small Businesses & SMEs. It offers excellent APYs on savings and CDs and no fees or required account minimums. This is most certainly the most useless and unreliable service I can ever imagine existing in the business world. Customer service - non-existent! Find out from our in-depth Barclays review. Amazing customer service, with lovely staff. We all know there is a pandemic on so companies like Barclays should be upping their online game ? Barclays Insurance Services Company Limited. Compare Barclays Business Bank Accounts to other leading business accounts. You'll never guess how much interest you can earn when you sign up for an online account.

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