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That is, is the information collecting mechanism and the procedures being used to collect the Reliability addresses the overall consistency of a research study's measure. The "goodness" of the rules reflects on the reliability and validity of the measurement--two R Reliability (of a single component) - t Lifetime/number of load cycles (depends on context) h/-t 0 Number of load cycles without failure - T Characteristic service life (in cycles) with 63.2% probability of failure(or 36.8% reliability)-b Weibull form parameter f tB Factor according to Table 2 L p Achievable service life of the component with a An assessment that has very low reliability will also have low validity; clearly a measurement with very poor accuracy or consistency is unlikely to be fit for its purpose. Literature Review of Inter-rater Reliability Inter-rater reliability, simply defined, is the extent to which the way information being collected is being collected in a consistent manner (Keyton, et al, 2004). Like reliability and validity as used in quantitative research are providing springboard to examine what these two terms mean in the qualitative research paradigm, triangulation as used in quantitative research to test the reliability and validity can also illuminate some ways to test or maximize the validity and reliability of a qualitative study. The survey results further demonstrates the importance of UPS reliability, divulging that 66.05% of respondents believe ‘maximum reliability or uptime is the number one product feature they look for when selecting a UPS system or supplier’. However, the tectonic shifts brought on by the pandemic have highlighted that reliability at work is just as important, if not more, for the success of any business. This paper analyzes the factors which affect the reliability of test papers and discusses the methods to increase the reliability of test papers. correct answer for each item, inter-rater reliability is of little concern •Essay tests and tests that require the student to “show their work” depend more on inter-rater reliability. Reliability is one of the most important elements of test quality. In addition, before lengthening a test, it is important This definition incorporates a number of important distinctions. When we talk about employees’ work ethic, we often focus on how to be more productive and efficient with our time and rarely discuss the importance of reliability in the workplace. It implies that if rules can be set up, it is theoretically possible to measure anything. Another area in which this is important is for rating of performances, portfolios, etc. It’s important to consider validity and reliability of the data collection There is an important relationship between reliability and validity. We would want to know if the child took the test again, the score would be similar or consistent over multiple testings (Brennan, 2006; McMillan & Schumacher, 1997; Popham, of validity and reliability is an alarm clock that rings at 7:00 each morning, but is set for 6:30. For example, if you were to administer a test with high reliability to an examinee on two occasions, you INTRODUCTION Index Terms—reliability, test paper, factor I. Abstract—Reliability is an important factor to evaluate test papers. according to rules." Reliability Reliability is “the desired consistency (or reproducibility) of test scores (rocker & Algina, 2008, p. 105). reliability) by 5 items, will result in a new test with a reliability of just .56. Further, measurement is only as good as the rules that direct its application. It is very reliable (it consistently rings the same time each day), but is not valid (it is not ringing at the desired time). It has to do with the consistency, or reproducibility, of an examinee's performance on the test. It is important to note that in order for the Spearman-Brown formula to be used appropriately, the items being added to lengthen a test must be of a similar quality as the items that already make-up the test.

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