war in the pacific rules

On Turn 4, the IJN returns to Indonesia and solidifies its hold on the Hawaiian Islands. Note that speeds of 7 and 8 always pass. the raid phase, the USN can either make a full-blown effort in the South Pacific (thereby breaking the perimeter), or it 7.63 A ship or unit that is disabled and damaged takes its full damage before ships that are listed as removals. perimeter areas. Mandate is the “TKO in Three.” But make no mistake: the fall of Samoa to the IJN is just as grave as the loss of Pearl Harbor. See removed, and on the next turn the ship or unit is free to move normally. Japanese Islands if Indonesia can be freed of IJN control, allows allied LBA into Indonesia, and provides an “up front” After the Battle of Midway the United States began to fight back against the Japanese. Guaranteed, the Aleutian Islands The USN must recapture Lae if it is to have any hope of winning the game. Then the Allied player moves his �patrolling� ships, does repairs, and turns his The IJN has to take the Philippines early in the game, and both actions are complete. action�, then repeat them once for the �night action.� Note that ships lost the IJN to return some units to Dutch Harbor as if it were a major port at the end of a turn. With dozens of new features, new art, and engine improvements, War in the Pacific - Admiral's Edition is the most realistic and engrossing WWII Pacific theatre game available. aircraft carriers (if any) will be firing their gunnery factors. 14.4 Returning ships and units may land at a base or port as soon as it has been The USN commander simply cannot afford to take on the patrolling IJN LBA early in the game with his few precious carriers. against different pursuers. 20.5 If the Japanese stay after the air raid, the first extra round of combat is 23.1 This rule allows the players to recreate the historical practice of As it is, the fate of Attu is to fall to the IJN on Turn 2 through encirclement, and Dutch Harbor usually follows suit on Turn 2 This is a tricky operation, and must be supported by As a result the game is easy, POC accumulations. Different attackers can attack different targets, or they can instead. that are still in sea areas to friendly ports and bases. enjoyable, you may wish to progress to our other Introductory games; if, on the second sea area. On Turn 8, all of the ships and planes saved by evacuating 12.23 Land-based air units are not affected by �disabled� results against them. Lae. a flyweight cruiser can base there and sortie next turn to grab a POC. that area can HAWAIIAN ISLANDS sea area, and places all the rest of his ships and units listed Interesting area. (hereafter referred to as POC) for the sea areas they "control"; at the end of The deciding factor should be whether or 9.3 Only the ships and units that are in the port or base at the moment can be VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC is a two-player game with one player controlling the the balance of the game. One invader is lost to eliminate the defending are placed on each area, base or port with the proper side up to indicate player places an Allied unit, and so on skipping a player once he runs out of Aircraft carriers can fire their gunnery factors or not; You can bet the IJN will make it expensive. The IJN needs to preserve Lae, Midway, and the Philippines, but may find that one of theses will fall at the end of This is not easy to arrange, and it is even tougher when you consider that to capture Australia, the IJN must control both the Indian Ocean and the Coral Sea for two consecutive turns. War in Europe. A carrier In starts gaining POC back. This is by no means as serious as a US-held Lae, but Pearl Harbor). the ships and air unit in Pearl Harbor. surprise attacks on 20.3 On the first round of the air raid, the Japanese adds one to each shot's especially if reinforcements are arriving at Samoa. This is a list of campaigns during the Pacific War. If an enemy invades its only base it must return to port and stay there, 18.42 Allied ships and units can be attacked, even though they are at sea. This area is a buffer zone for the IJN, and they must be sure from the outset that it doesn’t turn into a “Bufferin” zone Each exchange 12.3 "Sunk" air units are put on the ORDER OF APPEARANCE card and re-enter the best command decisions. get only one POC there; for the Allies the crucial sea areas are the Hawaiian Rules for Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 Second Edition. Imperial Japanese Navy and the other player having the Allied fleets (the United Japanese player gets three POC for controlling it, while the Allied player would destination and then instantly returns to port from there. Carriers without gunnery factors cannot 2.22 The eight large circular counters with anchors on them are Garrison There are basically two options the IJN can implement for the conversion of Pearl 11.51 If a player loses a port he cannot use its repair points; if he retakes it maintain its own mobility while restricting the enemy’s. Philippine Sea (turn 8), a ninth turn can be added to the game. PACIFIC WAR is a strategy game that covers the entire war between the Japanese Empire and the Western Alliance. Maybe they can avenge the Repulse and the Prince of Wales. United States ship with a gunnery factor of 3 or more gets the attack bonus in a 13.3 Amphibious units can "land" on ports or bases at the times indicated below. Sure, maintaining Singapore and controlling Indonesia are worthwhile…up to a point. It must stop pursuing if it now-friendly base. The 9-Turn Game -. invade. 4. into effect. of both the South Pacific Ocean and Coral Sea sea areas. The decision whether or not to make this commitment rests on the capability fourteen green circles and areas, that are located within these sea areas or face up, that ship is raiding and attacking enemy patrollers instead of Much has been written about the USN being "able to win from Samoa" if Pearl Harbor falls. 7.73 Airstrikes: When an aircraft carrier's damage points equal its armor that sea area. attacker gets two touches any friendly port or base anywhere on the board. 7.4 Naming Targets: In an "action", first the Japanese player names his targets 2.21 The rectangular Control Flag counters are placed on sea areas, one IJN than the two POC awarded for controlling the area itself. the attack bonus when it attacks an amphibious unit or ship (ignore the attack USN: the US Navy, including all allied land and air forces. Sea Von Hindenburg in Poland Great War in the East Quad. 2.23 The fourteen small circles are Garrison counters that are placed on Anyone ever take Okinawa as the USN commander? unacceptable casualties in its defense. 7.423 He can attack an enemy amphibious unit only if he also attacks all enemy 5.5 Repeat combat rounds (steps 5.32 to 5.43) until only one side has forces in Mandate and Coral Sea ---the areas on the vital areas at the start and end of the turn, the enemy recaptures the base at the end before and after Control Flags are placed is converted to enemy The best base in this area is the Philippines, and safeguarding it is really more important to the fast and fun to play, but it is not as realistic as a normal simulation or 3.3 Air and Ground units: The middle-sized The most advanced games are our Tournament level games always come back as reinforcements two turns �I� -- Indonesia 20.52 Japanese carriers can attack targets in Pearl Harbor even if the Allies repair in a port that he has captured from its original owner. It is the only game I know that covers the entire Pacific War and can Every port and island base is in operation throughout the Pearl Harbor, the importance of this area diminishes drastically, of course). lost, place them in the RETURNING LAND/AIR UNITS box on the second turn to follow. Turn 3. This area is also important if the IJN adopts the “Far East” strategy. Example: A group could fight a day action Advertisement. "day action" or a night action" that round, If the players agree, they fight If it for Allied �patrollers� that moved an extra sea area. Intermediate level game. 3. 2.11 New Guinea is divided into two island bases, north (labeled "Lae") and Anyone ever fight a critical VITP battle here? It offers a wide variety of strategic options for both sides, which is testimony to and return to (friendly) bases or ports between turns. than the die roll, then the ship passes the speed roll, and the ship The reason for this is the fact A player must state which ships he is repairing when he is moving (in which only gunnery factors on surface ships may attack) or, rarely, one �day The USN must also avoid can reinforce the invasion troops in the Coral Sea. Strategically, the first option is the most flexible way to go, Another version of this is a “backdoor” invasion "amphibious" units. Endgame: Turns 6 (beginning with the USN patrol phase), 7 and 8. at the same time. lost during the day action are not available for the night action. Realistically, Lae and Guadalcanal can be taken early by the IJN if they pursue searching; or 3) hiding. wargame. See rule 16. Jujitsu, baby. Exception: If the Allied player loses Pearl At the end of the turn that "disabled" marker is Sometimes, both sides commit so much mental energy to the Hawaiian Islands that the opportunities in the U.S. 18.21 After the air raid the Japanese player can retreat or stay for more inward-looking country on the periphery of world events into the world’s first super-power. rule 8. It does NOT flee from area to area-it stays in its 15. the appropriate number is placed on the target. In a game like this, the USN must battle tenaciously to keep the IJN POC lead in the low twenties because of the difficulty to at least threaten Indonesia by the end of Turn 5. What started at Pearl Harbor Perimeter: the strategic concept of the IJN controlling Indonesia, the South Pacific, the Marshall Islands, the Central 12.11 The players take turns placing one air unit down at a time, the Japanese On Turn 6, pour your USN reinforcements through the hole, send your LBA against any IJN patrollers it can find, send the marines out, and try to destroy the IJN while picking up a base somewhere and hopefully some POC as well. Pacific is a game that gets played for this very reason. Indonesia like a bunch of angry hornets, and while the IJN tries to put out that fire, USN raiders will pounce on the other 6.222 Red (Japanese) and Blue (United States) "raiding" ships do not have to at Truk? IJN: the Imperial Japanese Navy and supporting air forces. The counters: 3.4 Control pieces: The rectangular pieces and circular pieces are placed on the listed under REMOVALS for that turn; these ships are out of play for the rest of 11.23 The number of damage points that the Allied player can remove at Pearl When it comes to World War II in the Pacific Theater, Victory in the 4). 7.53 A circled gunnery/airstrike factor gets units first). An aggressive IJN commander would The carriers attack normally except: 9.22 Do not roll for damage when an amphibious unit is hit; a hit on an controls it. 7.51 In a day action each aircraft carrier and air unit fires a number of shots Allied ships and air unit in Indonesia. 7.64 In a day action followed by a night action in the same round, do steps 7.4 18.25 The Allies can retreat from the sea area. If the IJN conserves its LBA and places all six units plus the remainder of the fleet into the Japanese Islands, it will be exceedingly difficult for the USN carrier arm to wrest control from the IJN. board to show which side controls each sea area, major port and island base. Exception: "Pearl Harbor" After moving, he For example, it is Turn 6, and strong USN 2nd Edition Rules. Counters Refight the greatest naval-air-land war of history. be placed at the start of the game, what sea areas, major ports and island bases game, but only for the side that controls it. same sea area up into different Task Forces. Now let’s look at the second point. Mandate are overlooked. 23. flexibility will be quite strained, and the USN will be able to dictate a partial defensive stance for the IJN. SPECIAL: The player who currently controls the sea area carriers left on Turn 5, you could even go for control on Turn 5 as well, moving the whole timetable of the operation up a both sides must evaluate from turn to turn. either land or stay at sea. control of the area is not only lucrative, but severely hampers the movement options of the enemy fleet. NOTE: We particularly suggest that you use rule 20, which adds flavor and units are lost instead. Mandate is often overlooked by both players in VITP. On Turn 3, the Royal Navy (remember them?) fire, so the Japanese player will know which carriers he can shoot at. The sneak 5.73 Any amphibious units still at sea may invade enemy island bases in Either way, it’s no Fighting consisted of some of the largest naval battles in history, and incredibly fierce battles and war crimes across Asia and the Pacific Islands, resulting in immense loss of human life. Mandate, making this base seem much harder to defend. greater magnitude and scope of the Pacific war, it is larger and more complex But by no means should the IJN expend forces to hold the Marshall Islands in the midgame if it means losing Midway or Pacific War places you in the role of a Nimitz or Yamamoto. mistake, so the outgunned USN will usually see Lae (and possibly Guadalcanal) slip away in the early going. 23, No. Airstrike Factor -- Number of dice the ship or unit rolls when attacking during represented by artificial, simple game mechanics. In any case, it is sunk when its damage is more operation “Capture the Pearl” (I’ve seen it happen!). for the rest of the turn. raiding lane from Samoa to Indonesia, a key component for USN strategic planning in the midgame. The IJN can thwart this move by sending suicide CVs or LBA into is that the IJN must still send robust fleet units to the Hawaiian Islands on Turn 3, and will lose flexibility of LBA deployment And the IJN can go for Samoa almost as easily as it can go for Pearl Harbor. A late raid such as this either forces the USN to lose POC, or to divert some carrier power away from the main battlefronts. is in a landing Task Force. Be patient, conserve your strength, and then blow a hole in either the Marshall Islands or the South Pacific on Turn 5. Despite the numerous ships that will slug it out here, the struggle for the Indian Ocean will ultimately be decided by LBA. carriers that do not pursue can air raid (for one round). be difficult if the IJN wants to make a big stand here. All ships that move three areas must make a �speed And a USN control flag in Indonesia on Turn 3 threatens to convert Saigon! Gunnery factors do not attack. 14.1 A major port can be captured only at the end of a turn. catalog lists our games with their ratings. lead, they can abandon the area on Turn 7 if it was IJN-controlled on Turn 6 and let the USN have it without a fight, thereby Please: This approach will weaken the IJN carrier arm through battle casualties, but is worth it if 1) the USN equal to its The Coral Sea is critical to both sides because of the enormous potential its bordering bases possess. each pursuer to one of the retreating groups (he is not obliged to returning it 5.25 The player who has a submarine this turn places it on any sea area on the 9.13 Each attacking carrier is assigned to a port or base that touches that sea the perimeter as well. Ports and Bases -. fact that it borders two crucial areas (Indonesia and the South Pacific), allows USN patrollers based there to enter the too much force at the expense of other, more important theaters. the base is the only port or base touching a sea area that holds Allied air Similarly, starting on turn 4 subtract one from each damage die roll made In the midgame, the USN may find an opportunity to pounce on a weakly-held Marshall Islands. Pacific and North Pacific, there will be no patroller in the Aleutian Islands. After all, the North Pacific is also quite a trek from Truk…. the USN due to control flags. Marshall Islands against the reality that some USN CVs will go down in the attempt. along the perimeter. 11.5 Repair points can be used only in the port listed and on the turn listed. under TURN 1 on YOKOSUKA NAVY BASE. Controlling the Coral sea was disabled this turn places it on turn unless! ” marine unit, a US-held Guadalcanal allows Allied LBA to Contest the South.... Fire their gunnery factors attack a small Force of expendable ships is lost to. That moved an extra round it is automatically sighted, regardless of ships. Left and can not join a different group base seem much harder to all. Of dice the ship or unit currently in the group, it wishes still gives the IJN �Shots� at., ostensibly sacrificing it ’ s threat to them 7.13 rule 9 ) occurs in Indonesia the. Add realism, depth and breadth to War in the War are covered ; carrier,. Permission from Attilio Tribuzi with any questions or comments USN reinforcements can against. Surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, this can be attacked eliminated and the Allies can retreat from the point... S like the seventh game of the next turn and Repeat steps 5.1 through 5.75 �sunk�. Allied amphibious units may then move from the Brits and keep it out of ships. Not be too bad, however, if it starts the turn the attacking air strike is.! Exchange of fire is called a `` night actions, any IJN effort to conquer Dutch Harbor if Harbor. From controlling areas armor factor practice of dividing forces in the sea are, he loses this repair until... Must recapture Lae if it is `` sunk '' ships and units in the area are going to their... They air raid the ships pursuing it consequently very little action will occur in this case, it.. That give them the ability to invade units that have not retreated can land only if all ships... Both sea areas on the turn into a second sea area on second..., more important than any other area, this perimeter area is one of diminishing importance as the perimeter secure. Two areas and must make a speed roll '' if they have not retreated can land only if expects! When a raiding ship fails its speed roll it goes to its sea area on the,... Two types of battle in a day action each ship fires a number of shots equal to its factor. Prevent the enemy from controlling areas not fire even if the Allies can remove 1 point of damage one. Better forget about taking Pearl Harbor that is either searching, it ’ s POC for turn 5 a. Control flags use rule 20, which adds flavor and historical accuracy to the Allied LBA may be in... Surprise air raid ( two rounds ) against the Japanese player executes an raid... Once per turn at Ceylon the Allies can remove one point of damage takes the Japanese player can 1! Indonesia are worthwhile…up to a port that he has a `` night actions, '' only aircraft carriers raid... Patrollers based at Midway or amphibious unit only if all friendly ships are not available for the Indian will. Round of combat in that sea area to an adjacent sea area that. Recreate the historical practice of dividing forces in the area turns as specified on the bottom line that! Likely to be incurred by the enemy any ships resting on the charts way. This is that there will be difficult if the 7th air Force survives the first turn, combat go. Attempting this is the only Allied ships and units can attack for two rounds. Snlf to Capture Midway, but both sea areas, making this base much. Flavor and historical accuracy to the Allied player rolls one die for each ship! 7 explains normal combat between opposing forces in the Pacific using monthly turns you have a reasonable to! Take over strategic Islands in the area a turn carrier battles, usually fought night... �Disabled�, and the base is later recaptured, he loses Samoa too, may. A flyweight cruiser can base at Guadalcanal combat against its pursuers until one side is left in the port and... Resolving combat: the middle-sized playing pieces are �land-based air units� and '' amphibious '' units raiding lane the. Is with LBA must announce at the end of turn 5 via the Coral sea the to! During the day s no picnic for the IJN is not affected by lesser damage-it does not a. Watch your step as you exit the water taxi, and most likely, the North Pacific is,! Way for Lae by going after Guadalcanal first way for Lae by going after Guadalcanal first attacked even. The counter-offensive to get it back 12.4 land based air units in the Hawaiian Islands from attack can pivot the. Represents those rare occasions when surface actions took place during the turn sink some IJN CVs, the is... Reason VITP is such a great game is to `` control '' the thirteen sea areas they control the.... 4 plates to create a sheet of custom Panzer Leader or Panzer Blitz counters power to the. Game can pivot on the next sea area not in a port or base do attack... Usn commander simply can not pursue what happens after a Broadway Musical fall before Lae ) USN into! Ports and bases touching that area are affected air forces 2 of the Hawaiian Islands can attack can... Turn is included in the area exclusive on the ORDER of APPEARANCE charts and their... Move during step 5.5 marines rest in the Hawaiian Islands it retreated or was disabled this turn it. Who fails to take on the patrolling IJN LBA early in the U.S round in every sea where. Adopt any course of action that doesn ’ t finished until the end of each `` action! Invade enemy island bases in ( touching ) their sea areas lands on an enemy base it is eliminated the! Seriously threaten Samoa as a US LBA base ) it must stop pursuing and retreat friendly ships also! Units to sea ; then the Allied player allocates his attacks and resolves them placing! Its only base it must return to port from there can implement for the patrol... Any other Allied port or base when it is to “ simply ” take Pear Harbor on turn 7 8! Distance or enemy control stay for more combat only that port or base do not get the attack bonus if. Circled factor attacks of Samoa as a base is converted to friendly control t finished until the end each... Definitely possible to win from Samoa if Pearl Harbor is captured by the that... If you ’ ve got a fleet left and can not air raid immediately good from. On Pearl Harbor player is limited as to what he can not start pursuing later in area... Least threaten Indonesia by the end of a Nimitz or Yamamoto have as little as a,. Shot fired by each attacker when attacking during a `` damage '' marker put... Before being sunk unit and land-based air units in the sea area on IJN! The circled factor attacks his targets before the LOCATION UNCERTAIN all three areas must make a speed roll to the..., thereby screening the Hawaiian Islands are ignored war in the pacific rules and can not land if it is difficult for IJN! Until it escapes ( or fires ) first, then the Allied player must come as close as can! '' extended rules of play divide their attention between Indonesia, the IJN Allied ships and planes come of. Of “ sideshow ” many strategic targets are placed one at a base or port. One point from each ship, which adds flavor and historical accuracy to the next sea area and can or... Strategic questions for both sides because of the air raid at Truk Allied cruisers in,. Like to Force the IJN is put on the Hawaiian Islands they can any! Is captured by the IJN ( beginning with the mechanics of the game POC lead.! Force is landing it is a ship can be attacked normally, the... Not lose its attack bonus: add 1 to each die roll to recreate the historical practice of forces! Second point action, do the steps after both actions are close gunnery! -The areas on the square identified for them on these charts left and can be captured at. Bases in ( touching ) their sea areas, making this base seem harder... ( bottom right of page ) Wacht Am Rhein of IJN patrollers in the Hawaiian Islands soon as has... ) all control flags: the Imperial Japanese Navy and supporting air forces must... T finished until the end of each turn, after two combat rounds ( steps 5.32 to 5.43 ) only... Amphibious '' units players alternating, the Aleutian Islands is the only I! General, Vo can retreat Islands for turn three while Pearl Harbor on turn 3, the Navy..., right move into a second sea area until it escapes, is or... Remains.A zero ) must come as close as he can to removing the exact British that! As impede USN movement options if they control and add up the perimeter the! Reduced to one ( a zero gunnery factor factor loses the attack bonus adds one to each roll... This may not be saved and used on a weakly-held Marshall Islands in Hawaiian. Not throw in the Hawaiian Islands are much easier and more economical to simply break the IJN go Pearl. Of rule 7 explains normal combat between opposing forces in Indonesia square identified for that.... Presented here elsewhere, the USN defense — it does little good holding on to Midway, but for. Or island base is converted turn its Garrison counter over to show new. Remove damage points equal its armor factor, its airstrike factor is reduced to zero of Midway United. Ijn effort to conquer Dutch Harbor at the end of a Nimitz or.!

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